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What is it?

Get your company’s Wi-Fi setup quickly and securely for you, your clients and visitors. With Choobs expertise as an SME just like you, no need to worry about the usual issues such as internet inaccessible areas or low bandwidth. We have been through all scenarios and anticipated them.

Whether it is for assisting you with the hardware selection, your building’s specificity, the training or the solution’s setup, we have what it takes to make Wi-Fi easy and secure for your users.

How we do it?

In order to provide the best implementation for your company, we first elaborate an in-depth analysis (coverage study, network dimensions, etc.).

For SME’s it is mainly about security. As an SME ourselves we know how crucial it is to protect your data. With this objective in mind, we provide highly secured self-hosted solutions so you can maintain total control of your data.

We guarantee an efficient level of operation of your Wi-Fi installation with concern for your data security. Find more about our security Wi-Fi solutions here.

Interested? Get in touch now and we will be pleased to provide you with additional details on our solution.