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What is it?

Booking a conference room is usually the last step before your meeting or presentation. Although it can seem simple, flying papers or unavailable receptionists can easily become a problem. Double bookings, unreadable scribbles, people not informed of the changes, etc. Booking your conference room should be the last step before your important meeting and it should be simple to do!

Choobs “Conference room booking” software tool provides nothing more than the basic features you need to forget about the above problems:

  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Overview of existing bookings
  • Send invitations/inform attendees
  • Share planning with other users/attendees
  • Edit & notify the attendees

How we do it?

This tool is simple and incredibly efficient for down to earth requirements:

  • Knowing when a room is available (thus avoiding double booking)
  • Sharing bookings with the other meeting attendees
  • Booking from anywhere without waiting for a receptionist’s availability
  • Changing bookings directly without further intervention

In short, you will need this for following reasons:

  • You need a simple tool
  • SME specific
  • Customizable
  • Secure (self-hosted)

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