IT Services & Infrastructure Server IT Services & Infrastructure

What is it?

As soon as you collaborate with co-workers, your business needs:

  • Central control of access to your files and your network
  • Shared information available at any point in time
  • Effective backup of all corporate files and emails

Doing so, you decrease communication time as your data will not get lost and avoid workflow interruptions such as one co-worker on holidays being the only one having this specific, urgent document.

Our purpose is to let you work efficiently by insuring you will have access to all your data at any point in time and providing you with the security that prevents a computer crash being the end of the company.

How we do it?

Our experience ranges from small business servers to large data centres. We generally determine the best applicable scaling with you, depending on your software needs, your current amount of employees and your expansion plans in short or mid- term.

We recommend hosting your servers in your premises due to enhanced control and autonomy but we do also provide hosting of your servers at our premises or installation/maintenance at any other desired location.

While no solution is exactly identical we tend to partner with Fujitsu for the servers, Fortinet and Kaspersky for security and Microsoft for the operating system and email server.

Interested? Get in touch now and we will be pleased to provide you with additional details on our solution.