Integrated Solutions IT for Airlines Integrated Solutions

Being Competitive in the airline industry requires an exceptional level of efficiency. We can assist you with this by creating the right infrastructure to support this kind of efficiency and connecting your different software together to avoid time consuming double inputs of your staff.

HR database

In order to limit the time spent on the input of employee details by your HR team, we provide customizable and highly secure software that can allow employees to enter or update their personal details in the software.

This data is then stored in a database which can, on-demand, be made available to other software you use in order to limit data redundancy and ensure that employees entering or leaving the company have accurate access to your system.

Recruiting application

Recruiting can quickly become time consuming and cumbersome. As we have helped customers in the past to optimize their time spent with high return on investment, we guarantee time savings by using our software to:

  • Give access to applicants to enter their personal details
  • Force the applicants to enter their work skills based on a unified form
  • Provide the recruiting team powerful tools to sort between the criteria entered in your uniform data entries
  • Provide session management for all selected applicants with online selection of availabilities based on the first come first served policy


We have been exposed to various EFB solutions for the last decade. Should you need some input to help you take your decisions or 24/7 support for your software and hardware, you are at the right place.

Interested? Get in touch now and we will be pleased to provide you with additional details on our solution.