Training & Workshop Training for Business Training & Workshop

You want to grow your business productivity?

With a few hours of computer training, employees will learn how to use, handle and better manage the tools and problems with their software.

Choobs Ltd offers companies training on basic office tools as well as specific software for your business.

Your employees will be in contact with a passionate, experienced teacher who will help them understand recurring problems, optimize the use of IT tools to improve your business processes and most importantly, improve the productivity of your business.

In addition to customized training, we offer a post-training support. Beyond helping you by phone, we can, connect remotely to your computers to help you directly as if we were with you!

We offer:

  • Qualified and dynamic teachers (English and French)
  • Training for groups (5 to 20 persons)
  • Provision of a room in a friendly working environment in a villa with garden or at your office.
  • Short tests Word / Excel / PowerPoint / Internet to assess the level of your employees and personalize the training
  • Practical exercises on one of the documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) that you frequently use.
  • Duration of training variables to suit your needs and your budget
  • Documentation for each employee with a summary of the learning

In addition to our training, we can also help you:

  • Improve your website
  • Repair, maintain and customize your computer
  • Configure and maintain your network
  • Guide your IT purchases
  • Provide hotline support 24/7

Interested? Contact us and we will gladly provide you with more details and a personalized free quote.