IT Services & Infrastructure Virtualization IT Services & Infrastructure

What is it?

Virtualisation is a technology that helps you to run multiple devices on the same hardware. This can become very beneficial for SMEs due to the fact that it can allow you to make huge savings on the cost of servers and their maintenance which implies savings on IT staff time. Backups are effortless and disaster recovery is much easier to achieve. Typically, SMEs opt for virtualisation to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Increasing efficiency by consolidating servers and applications
  2. Reducing total cost of ownership (TCO) of hardware costs by reducing cost and space of power, cooling, cabling and storage
  3. Extending Capex assets lifecycle
  4. Getting “greener” by using resources more efficiently
  5. Improving business agility by accommodating future expansion by enabling the adding of applications easily when growth requires you to do so
  6. Securing your business by easily adding a disaster recovery plan

How we do it?

We have been into virtualisation since its creation and strongly believe in its benefits. However, we do recommend a clear project definition and a plan before starting. This should encompass:

  1. Identifying business goals to achieve
  2. Calculating Return on Investment (ROI)
  3. Compare costs and consider solutions based on future needs and capacity
  4. Determine high availability and disaster recovery needs
  5. Set the usage expectations by involving end users and business partners from the early stages of the project

Our privileged partners for implementing such solutions are Fujistu, VMware and Microsoft.

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