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We understand that confidentiality and efficiency are an essential part of legal advisory business. Due to our security oriented approach to technology and our experience in workflow optimization we provide unique solutions to grant a law firm the essential technological tool required for their business.

Highly secure network

We offer highly secure networks behind cutting edge firewall technology or split networks so that the sensitive part of your data will never be exposed to the internet. Thus you can access to the internet without risking your confidential files to be leaked out into the web.

In other cases, encryption on portable devices can also be sufficient depending on the security level that needs to be achieved. Anti-leak appliances might also be an interesting feature for your firm in case you need to make sure the sensitive data will not be transmitted by email by mistake or without permission.

The options to secure your network are diverse and strongly depend on your size, your objectives, and the nature of your business. It will require your input in order to come up with the right solution for your office.

Secure file exchange

Exchanging confidential files in a secure way becomes increasingly difficult. While the cloud offers many alternatives the security of those does not meet the expected need for confidentiality.

We offer secured file exchange either through email with a solid encryption on both parties (sender and recipient) or a secure hosting with restricted access to your co-workers and partners in order to grant them limited access in time specifically to the required data.

Time optimization software/scripting

The legal world is pretty unique when it comes to the different ways of working. While some will have a mainly paper based approach of storing their documents others will aim for a paperless office whenever possible.

In both cases, some automation can greatly enhance your efficiency. For instance, by creating a custom structure of client’s documents and internal indexing of the files which would allow an internal search engine to find accurate documents quickly.

As a custom development company, we can also integrate your existing software just by creating bridges between your applications.

Interested? Get in touch now and we will be pleased to provide you with additional details on our solution.