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What is it?

Sometimes, standard software or cloud computing services do not meet your business requirements.

Customization might be the key to unlock this situation as custom software is designed especially for YOUR business requirements.

You may want to invest in development:

  • if you want to spend more time on analysis and planning than on maintaining heavy excel sheets
  • if your current software is too cumbersome
  • if you identified administrative tasks you could automate
  • when off-the-shelf software often offer too many features making it cumbersome for your staff

How we do it?

While we are software crafting experts, you are the experts for your business. Therefore, we will need your business expertise throughout the project.

Our first step will be to identify the key factors of your business processes in order to build a joint team to ally business and technology expertise.

Once the task force is set up, we will proceed with mockups and proof of concepts in order to ensure a clear visibility of the result.

We will then develop your tailored software based on agile methodology, with a review with key users at the end of each phase in order to ensure a precise match of your expectation and the outcome.

Once every phase has been completed, we will remain at your disposal for any further adaptations.

Lastly, we always ensure that our tailored made software is designed in an evolutive manner to be adaptable to your future business needs.

Interested? Get in touch now and we will be pleased to provide you with additional details on our solution.