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What is it?

Sometimes, crucial projects go off trail and in wrong directions, lack of complete transparency and outlook despite a lot of funds and efforts invested into it or even worse: this project seems to be in a dead end when you need it to be running ASAP! Let us reassure you, we can help!

With a fresh outlook, solid project management methodology, and the contribution of your key users, we can put your project back on its rails.

Our fire fighter team composed of business process optimization experts, senior technical engineers and experienced project managers will help you to cope with your project’s issues whether it concerns logic, workflow, feature and bug fixing and/or prioritization.

How we do it?

Recruiting only highly talented engineers and project managers over the last 10 years has permitted us to gain solid experience in the field, entitling us to say that no matter how short your deadline or how complex your situation is, we will find a solution for your needs. Our experts help SME clients since 10 years and offer time-effective project rescue solutions by analyzing the situation, identifying your problems, and elaborating a recovery strategy.

Our usual approach would follow the following steps:

  • Re-define clear objectives
  • Assess current situation
  • Identifying your key users and stakeholders
  • Define a step by step approach based on agile methodology to grant immediate results
  • Proceed with project handover
  • Debrief with all stakeholders to avoid this situation in the future

Interested? Get in touch now and we will be pleased to provide you with additional details on our solution.