IT Services & Infrastructure Training & Coaching IT Services & Infrastructure

What is it?

Choobs is not only a provider; we offer full service from the selection of the latest technology products to user support in order for your users to make optimal use of the IT tools. When you invest in software for example, you expect a quick implementation but also a quick usage of it by your strategic users.

New software, upgrades or new employees often require training or coaching. Whether it is our product or another manufacturer’s, our team is dedicated to make sure the users are comfortable with the product and get productive quickly.

How we do it?

In order to provide the adapted training and coaching to your users, we first analyse the specific needs, and then estimate the budget required to offer the optimized training plan.

We organize personalized training, with our partners if it is necessary, for groups or individuals. Our clients may choose their office or we may provide ours for the training to take place.

Working with Choobs means:

  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce costs
  • Save time
  • Improve HR management
  • Avoid human errors and duplication efforts
  • Get higher profits

Interested? Get in touch now and we will be pleased to provide you with additional details on our solution.