IT Services & Infrastructure PC: Desktop / Laptop / Thin Client IT Services & Infrastructure

What is it?

A wide variety of technologies ensure your work stays efficient no matter where you are working from. We provide systems that make sure you have access in an easy and secure way to all your tools whether you are in your office, at your home or any other remote location.

How we do it?

By reviewing your requirements, the tools and the data you access on a daily basis in order to be productive, we will direct you to the best solution. By experience we generally recommend:

  • Desktops when most of your work can be performed at your work place and you have little need for mobility
  • Laptops in situations where you travel quite frequently
  • Thin clients for clients requiring bigger computing power and access to a very standardized work environment

Our partner of choice for user systems is Fujitsu for their quality of hardware services and their general flexibility. We do however have experience with some other suppliers such as HP or Dell.

Interested? Get in touch now and we will be pleased to provide you with additional details on our solution.